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Actor John Krasinski Thanks Healthcare Heroes In The Coolest Way!

When he heard that front-line medical workers in his hometown were missing baseball, he invited some of them on his show for a "wicked good" surprise.

If one thing has become obvious over the last few months, it's that we could all use more good news in our everyday lives.

We here at Sparkt have known this for a while, but it's nice to see that more and more people are seeking out uplifting stories to help get them through the dark days of the coronavirus.

That's what inspired actor John Krasinski to start up a YouTube show called Some Good News, where he highlights many of the good things that are happening around the world every day.

In the show's latest episode, Krasinski teamed up with Red Sox player David Ortiz to give healthcare workers in his hometown of Boston, MA the surprise of a lifetime.

After seeing a tweet from a nurse at nearby Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center saying how much the staff missed baseball, Krasinski, who is an avid Red Sox fan himself, had a group of nurses from the hospital's Covid-19 unit as guests on his show.

"I cannot articulate how unbelievably honored I am to be seeing you guys, to be here with you guys, inside your hospital, inside where all this is going on," Krasinkski said to the group over a video call.

"I also have heard that you guys are Red Sox fans," he continued. "Is that true?"

The workers replied in unison: "Yes, we are!"

The crew's excitement was ramped up a notch when they were joined by another guest on the call, Red Sox first baseman David Ortiz (also known affectionately by his fans as 'Big Papi").

After Ortiz thanked the healthcare workers for their service, he got to the surprise.

"The Red Sox are going to donate four tickets, for life!"

Red Sox player David Ortiz joined John Krasinski to help deliver the surprise. YouTube

The group of nurses stared at each other incredulously as the news sunk in.

Here's another awesome SGN moment we wrote about: Cast Of Hamilton Surprises Young Superfan With Her Own Performance

Turns out, the group on the call weren't the only ones benefitting from the surprise – every worker at Beth Israel was getting Red Sox tickets for life.

Check out the video starting at 10:10 to see Krasinski's big surprise unfold...

Baseball is Back: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 3 www.youtube.com

Krasinski joked that he has been trying to score the same deal himself for years.

"I thought I was a big deal," he said. "But I've been on the wait list for 16 years, and I've still heard nothing."

After the hospital workers stopped cheering, Krasinski announced they'd be getting another surprise. He arranged to have them shuttled to nearby Fenway Park, where the Red Sox play, so that they could each throw out a "pitch" inside the empty stadium.

Krasinski encouraged the nurses to throw a pitch inside an empty Fenway Park. YouTube

What an awesome tribute to healthcare workers who are working on the front lines to fight the virus. And kudos to Krasinski for helping to spread good news around the world with his show!

How can you start something good?

You can create some of your own good news by donating to the Healthcare Heroes Fund at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, or check out your own local hospitals to see if they have similar funds for their front-line workers in place.

Another way to say thank you to healthcare workers is to participate in your town's nightly 'clap' to acknowledge those fighting on the front-lines in your community. The #Solidarityat8 applause happens at 8 pm in cities around the world every night.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

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