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Good Deeds is the section where we feature the work of people who are part of the Sparkt network of Deedzers. Deedzers are a team of volunteers who are joining with us to do Good Deeds in the communities where they live.

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The inspiration for Sparkt's Good Deeds Deedzer Network started with a man named Jon Potter, who we call "Mr. Good Deeds." A few years ago, Jon had a life-changing encounter with a woman at a gas station near his home in Pittsburgh. She asked for a ride to a battered women's shelter. He said no. Out of his regret for failing to help her has grown a movement that taps the talents of volunteers to help anyone with any task, no questions asked, and no payment required. In 2019, Jon made the ultimate donation: he gave a stranger one of his kidneys, an act of extreme generosity that got him national attention and made him one of People Magazine's 2019 Kindness Awards winners.

We won't ask you to donate a kidney - unless you want to! - but we do invite you to join us in a network of Deedzers, contributing time and talent to make the world just a bit kinder. Mr. Good Deeds and his volunteers have done everything from rescuing an emotional support cat from a tree to fixing the leaky windows on a single mom's house. There are volunteers in the network who will help you move, write a resume, and even babysit! Sign up and become a Deedzer as we grow the Good Deeds network around the country and the world and tell the stories of people like you who are passionate about making a difference.

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