Igniting Change

We’re on a mission to bring neighborliness back to neighborhoods, communion back to communities. We believe we live and work best when we are deeply connected to the people who live and work around us. And nothing connects neighbors like compelling, compassionate storytelling.

The right story can inspire, enrage, engage, and spark a community into action. Those are the kinds of stories you’ll find on Sparkt. Stories we’ll tell, and stories we’ll help you tell, too. From organizing neighborhood cleanups to fixing roofs to shoveling sidewalks and more, Sparkt will connect you with the tools you need to take action in your community. Volunteering to tutor kids, donating a few dollars, signing a petition, even just learning more about an issue is a huge step in the direction of good.

We’re building a next-generation social media company where good stories point to good deeds. The Sparkt website and app is coming soon. In the meantime, check us out by looking for SparktPGH on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.