Good Deeds

A Good Deed For A Widow​ Worried About Who She Could Trust

"After a while, you don't trust anybody anymore. I'm glad that I can." And she could when we came by to help!

Janice decided to reach out to Pittsburgh Good Deeds after hearing me on Sparkt CEO Marty Griffin's show on KDKA Radio. It was kind of a "Get Marty" meets "Mr. Good Deeds" situation.

As you know, Marty asked me to team up with Sparkt to help spread my good-deed-doing message across the country.

Janice lives in Wilkinsburg, PA, a community a few miles east of Pittsburgh. She was having a problem with her dishwasher. It was hooked up backwards and had been that way for years. Plus, the heating element had burned out.

Janice is a widow and didn't really have anyone she could trust to help fix the problem. Pittsburgh Good Deeds to the rescue!

My new helper Dylan,and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work, switching out the hot and cold water lines and replacing the heating element.

Now, Janice has a working dishwasher and a newfound faith in the goodness of others. "After a while, you don't trust anybody anymore. I'm glad that I can," she said. We assured her that she can always count on us and Sparkt, and we may just be out to help her with another project in the future!

Swapping out hot and cold water lines did the trick

How can you start something good?

Are you interested in becoming a part of our Deedzer network? Sign-up to volunteer, and connect with people who need your help today.

If you need help from the Deedzers, click here and give us some information so we can reach out to you.

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