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A Fresh Start to an Old Journey

In 2018, I got serious about my health and fitness journey. At the start of 2019, I'm taking it to higher heights, by making healthier food choices, in hopes of seeing great results this year.

Last year, I managed to make early morning workouts a habit. Most days during the week, I am finishing up at the gym before the sun comes up. Somehow my 4:30am alarm no longer takes me by surprise...or makes me want to cry! It is like clock work now: whether it is cardio or strength training, I am fully engaged in a my morning workout by 5:15am each day. One large aspect of my weight loss journey that sadly took a back seat last year was my eating. I was not always on point with my food choices, so my results were minimal.

This year, I'm doing a major reset on my food consumption. Using methods such as meal prepping and intermittent fasting, matched with my regular workout regimen, I'm confident that this year will yield the highest return on my health and fitness investment!

I'm challenging and encouraging everyone around me...or reading this put your health first this year. Set some health and fitness goals this year...and make it up in your mind that those goals are more important than having that extra slice of pizza or that sugary dessert after your meal. This is the first full week of the new year, so it will definitely be a test of my determination and discipline. But I'm excited and confident in this #FreshStart!

How can you start something good?
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