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A Canceled Recital Didn't Stop These Dancers From Showing Their Pride

Dressed in their costumes, they created an event that brought a sense of community that they'd be missing as much as dance class.

When I was younger, I took several years of tap dance lessons. While I don't remember any of the moves I learned, I do recall the excitement that came when we had our annual recital.

It was a chance to show off all of our hard work, to look out from the stage and see the faces of our parents and loved ones beaming back at us with pride.

While some of the dancers at my school were much more talented than others (believe me, I was no Ginger Rogers), the recital gave us an opportunity to gather with our fellow dancers, instructors, family and friends.

That's what we're really missing out on with all of the canceled graduation parties, postponed vacations and rescheduled performances due to the coronavirus. It's the lost sense of community, the lack of togetherness, that's getting us down – not so much the reason for the event itself.

A dance studio in Winslow, ME recently got creative when they were forced to postpone their 20-year anniversary recital.

Instead of a live recital, the 150+ students of the Stage Presence For Dancers school decided to hold a car parade. Families decorated their cars with balloons, signs and sparkles. Parents drove around the parking lot and blasted the songs that would have accompanied the dancers' routines.

Some of the dancers wore their recital outfits and performed their routines on truck beds and trailers. Stage Presence For Dancers/Facebook

Staff and faculty got teary-eyed when they saw their students for the first time in weeks. Some of the dancers did their routines on truck beds or trailers attached to their parents' vehicles.

After the parade, Heather Vigue Beaster, one of the school's teachers who helped plan the parade, posted photos to her Facebook page, along with an emotional message to her students and their families.

"It took everything I had not to HUG you all but it was so healing to see your smiling faces," Beaster wrote. "I laughed, I cried, I smiled and then cried some more."

Heather Beaster (R) posed with a few of her students at the parade. Stage Presence For Dancers/Facebook

Others shared their reactions and said how much they appreciated seeing all of the students and instructors.

"You made today into something we couldn't have as moms, students and audience," one dance mom wrote. "YOU ARE what makes these kids awesome! I can't imagine being somewhere else!"

"This was a blast," another parent wrote. "We should do this every year. Recitals are way overrated anyway."

Even though it might not have been the recital they were hoping for, we're sure the students will never forget this time in their lives.

Dance Studio Holds Parking Lot Parade When Recital Is Canceled

Families decorated their cars with signs to show solidarity with their fellow dancers and instructors.

How can you start something good?

Inspired by the dance studio's idea?

It's #TeacherAppreciationWeek, so think about how you can celebrate a special teacher in your life. You don't have to plan a car parade, but you can make signs, send a gift or a message to let them know you care.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together!

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