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9th Annual Labor Day of Love comes to McKees Rocks

We love a neighbor on Labor Day. A neighbor that has been beaten down a bit by the world around them yet goes on the best they can. A neighbor who could use a little love, help and compassion.

Nine years ago Michael Williams, owner of Mike's Lawn care, had a customer who couldn't afford his grass cutting services anymore. He did them anyway, which resulted in him getting to know Sally more than he previously knew her when she was a paying customer as she would bring him out a cold drink and sometimes a sandwich. He learned from their conversations that she has been on her own since the 70s when her son died in a car accident years after she had been widowed. She really wanted to sell her home and move into one of those Senior HiRises, however years of not being able to keep up with her home made it unsalable.

This weighed on the young businessmans heart.

It was close to Labor Day in the year 2011 when Michael started asking around about how he could get her some help.

"Be the help" was what we came up with. We all had an upcoming day off; Labor Day. That year we only needed some paint and a few general and cleaning supplies. We all pitched in some money along with others like Michael's brother Stephen who has in the service, Stewart Avenue Lutheran Church (where we got most of our labor including Jason, a special needs young teen who was very instrumental in talking to Sally as we took over her house), Readshaw Funeral Home who had buried Michael's father years earlier and Lowe's who gave us very nice discounts on what we needed for the day.

We loved Sally on Labor Day 2011 and it was very successful.Her home sold in two months.... And Labor Day of Love was born.

We have been loving someone every year since then.Our crew has grown although sadly through the years three of our beautiful people are now watching over us from heaven.

Our donors have also grew!!! Michael Williams company Mike's Lawn care has grown and changed. He now owns Pittsburgh Drain Guys and they are most likely our biggest supporter in both funding and in Laborers. Stewart Avenue, Stephen, Michael's brother, Lowe's and Readshaw; our charter donors, has been joined by Mr John in year 2012 and a few years back DeMarco Dumpsters joined the LOL family. We are so grateful to have all of our supporters!!! More have come and gone through the years. We could never have accomplished all that we have accomplished without you!

So what have we accomplished?

We have a facebook page that has tons of photos and videos. Labor Day of Love; look us up!

Our Carpenter, Brian Genovesi, is also an amazing singer, songwriter and guitarist and many of his songs accompany our videos.

Just to list our accomplishments however we have....

Long list...

Remodeled Bathrooms, kitchens, halls and living rooms.

Exterior Painting

Interior Painting


Laid floors

French drains

Planted flowers



Fixed doors, windows


Packed and moved

Built swings

Replaced railings

Patched holes

Cleared debri

Fixed roofs

And much much more....

Short list...

We love a neighbor on Labor Day. A neighbor that has been beaten down a bit by the world around them yet goes on the best they can. A neighbor who could use a little love, help and compassion.

We have been to Carrick, Mt Oliver, Morningside, Sheridan, Overbrook, Baldwin and this year takes us to McKees Rocks.

Prayers, sharing, donations, laborers are always welcome and appreciated!

Just a note that we use all funding raised on a neighbor in need. We don't carry a balance. Hence.... This is why we build child swings and purchase bikes for special needs kids as you may see in some videos.

Thank you so much for reading!

Please call Bill Thomas at 412-310-5017 if you would like to help in any way.

How can you start something good?
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