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9 Month Scan Reveals Latest Recovery Challenge

Here we go again, back on the roller coaster that comes with every new scan. Am I getting better or is the cancer back?

To borrow a line from the late, great Yogi Berra, "It's like deja vu all over again." Three months ago the anxiety built up as the time for my scan came around. The agony of wondering and worrying if the dreaded "C-word" would be back. That time the news was mixed. It was great that there was no sign of any cancer or re-growth, but there was one spot of concern in my lungs.

My wife Kristine and I get the update from my doctor.

Was it a sign of something new going haywire or was it just a temporary side effect of the cancer treatment? The doctors then said only time will tell, and decided to keep an eye on it. That brings us to today, a follow up CT scan at the nine month mark since treatment ended.

Here's the live video as I waited for my scan:

The process doesn't take long. After I checked in they put an IV in place. Once I'm in the room with the CT machine, technicians set it all up. Before loading me into the giant ringed-contraption, they hooked up the IV to to push chemicals through my veins so everything shows up clearly on the images.

The entire CT scan takes only 15 to 20 minutes and gives doctors a look at what's going on inside my body.

This is the technician's view as they direct the machine to scan through many layers of tissue and bone.

Once the scans are done it's time to meet with doctors to find out what's going. What do the new scans reveal. First up is radiation oncologist Dr. David Clump:

Next up was oncologist Dr. Dan Zandberg who's basically on the same page. All-in-all I'm doing well, making good progress in my recovery. They want me back in three months for another scan to see how that spot on my lung is doing and make sure it's going away.

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