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5-Year-Old Asks For Bedding For Kids In Need For His Birthday

After the success of his birthday fundraiser, he's keeping the donations going for the holidays.

For most 5-year-olds, getting bed sheets and pillows for their birthday would be snooze-worthy. That's certainly not the case for Tyler Sliz, who recently asked his party guests to bring bedding donations for children in need, instead of presents. The donations went to "Sleep in Heavenly Peace," a charity at his church in Libertyville, IL.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is made up of a group of volunteers who build, assemble and deliver high-quality beds to children who need them. Tyler can't actually build the beds until he's 12, so he wanted to help out in another way. He asked his mom to record a video of him to send to the people coming to his fifth birthday party, asking for the bedding donations.

"At first, I was concerned he would feel disappointment at his birthday party when all he received was bedding, but he surprised me with his giving heart," his mother, Jackie Sliz, told ABC News . "All he truly wanted for his birthday was bedding so that he could carry it to Sleep in Heavenly Peace."

After his birthday party, Tyler was able to donate 30 pieces of bedding to SHP and was even named a "special bed builder" by the group. At bed-building events, he makes bags of bolts to help the volunteers who assemble the beds.

Tyler's generosity must be genetic, because he joined four generations of his family (including his grandparents) at a "No Kid Sleeps on The Floor" event at the end of October.

"This young man sure knows what's important and has a great heart!" Sleep in Heavenly Peace said in a statement to ABC News.

Tyler is keeping his donation drive going through the holidays, and he hopes to gather at least 100 pieces of bedding by the end of the year.

The Libertyville chapter of SHP delivered 300 beds this year!

"I want to get more bedding so kids don't have to sleep on the floor," he said. "I hope Santa brings all the kids bedding and presents."

Here's a sweet video of two siblings who were surprised with new beds from SHP...

(Source: SHP - IL, St. Joseph/Libertyville Facebook )

There are a number of ways to get involved with Sleep in Heavenly Peace. You can mail a check that will be used to purchase building materials for beds to the following address:

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

P.O. Box 116

Kimberly, ID 83341

The Charity ID number is: 46-4346568

You can donate any of the following bedding items to your local SHP chapter:

New twin-sized sheet sets and comforters

  • Pillows
  • Wood and other construction material for Build Days
  • Tools

Click here to find your local chapter. If there's not a chapter near you, why not start one? You can contact SHP for information on how to do it.

You can volunteer at Build Days in your community. They'll even teach you how to use power tools! Click here to find an event near you.

Let's #StartSomethingGood together.

(Source: images Jackie Sliz Facebook )

How can you start something good?
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