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Sparkt CEO Marty Griffin is on a mission, not just to cure his own cancer, but to also make sure your kids never have to suffer the same fate. Follow his journey and learn more about HVP-related cancer prevention here.

Igniting Change

We’re on a mission to bring neighborliness back to neighborhoods, communion back to communities. We believe we live and work best when we are deeply connected to the people who live and work around us. And nothing connects neighbors like compelling, compassionate storytelling.

The right story can inspire, enrage, engage, and spark a community into action. Those are the kinds of stories you’ll find on Sparkt. Stories we’ll tell, and stories we’ll help you tell, too. From organizing neighborhood cleanups to fixing roofs to shoveling sidewalks and more, Sparkt will connect you with the tools you need to take action in your community. Volunteering to tutor kids, donating a few dollars, signing a petition, even just learning more about an issue is a huge step in the direction of good.

We’re building a next-generation social media company where good stories point to good deeds. The Sparkt website and app is coming soon. In the meantime, check us out by looking for SparktPGH on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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Watch change unfold in real time on Sparkt LIVE. Whether on the road or in the studios of KDKA Radio 1020 AM/93.7 FM HD2, Sparkt LIVE tackles tough problems and celebrates great victories as they happen.

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Follow Marty's Journey

Join Marty Griffin on the road to recovery and start your own journey to a HPV cancer-free future

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Connect your brand

It’s not enough to tell a great story. A great story has to move you, and move you to act.

Sparkt harnesses the power of storytelling to connect and engage people with their communities. Every story on Sparkt will give you the opportunity to help a neighbor, improve your community, or just get smart about the world around you. Sparkt is reaching active consumers who embrace brands that share their active values. Our unique blend of digital media and live events creates online and offline touchpoints that gets you closer to your customer and more deeply connected to your community.

Sparkt is not just a media platform; it is a path towards sustainable good, connecting your brand to engaged consumers to solve problems. By partnering with Sparkt, you’ll make real change in people’s lives, like the local hero we know you are.

Can display ads do that?

To learn more about how you can partner with Sparkt and make your brand a local hero, check out our digital media kit.

Meet the team

What makes Sparkt burn so hot? A passionate team of professional journalists, creators, producers, designers, and community advocates who are fired up and eager to ignite change.

Marty Griffin

Tired of the same old news stories, Marty Griffin turned his investigative talents to solving his viewers’ most challenging problems. Now, he wants to inspire you to do the same. He founded Sparkt to tell stories that inspire people to act in their communities.

Patrick O'Connor

Patrick O’Connor has seen the inside of newsrooms in just about every region of this great country. He knows how to tell a great story and get people talking about it, and he’s going to help you tell your stories, too.

Chris Shipley

A journalist turned entrepreneur, Chris Shipley has been midwife to startups around the world. She’s quite happy to be back home in Pittsburgh, working to make Sparkt a world-class media company.

Nigel Brown

Whether he’s architecting software or leading technology growth for startups, Nigel hasn’t met a technology problem he couldn’t eventually solve. He directs all things technical at Sparkt so that our people can solve the problems that affect their neighborhoods.

Kelly Arbogast

Kelly Arbogast is quite possibly Pittsburgh’s biggest advocate. A one-time AmeriCorps volunteer, part-time law student, and always-passionate content creator, Kelly connects brands with the power of Sparkt’s storytelling platform.

Michael Young

Michael Young just might be the most connected media executive in Pittsburgh. A radio man through and through, Michael understands the power of media to connect people with the brands they love.

Interested in joining our team? Learn more about our mission and values , then drop your resume to us at [email protected].

Get in touch

Occasionally, you’ll even find us in our office:

1910 Cochran Road
Building 2, Suite 615
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

We’re laying down sparks all across Pittsburgh. Find us on your favorite social media sites @SparktPGH or drop us a line below.

Occasionally, you’ll even find us in our office:

1910 Cochran Road
Building 2, Suite 615
Pittsburgh, PA 15220