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Hear how Marty Griffin has transformed a personal passion into a corporate mission.

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Sparkt Bridges

Sparkt Bridges: Addict's Dramatic Transformation Inspires Hope

Anne Linaberger

Jan 13th

Sparkt Bridges: Nonprofit Connects Children With and Without Disabilities

Ryan Bergman

Dec 30th

Cake Walk

Cake Walk: Mabel Reveals Her Secret to Reaching Age 105

Marty Griffin

Jul 12th

Cake Walk: Dolly and Kathy Take On ALS

Marty Griffin

May 29th

Marty's Journey

Marty's Journey: 9 Months After Radiation, Time To See If I'm Still Cancer Free

Marty Griffin

Jul 15th

Marty's Journey: Wrapping Up My Day in Washington D.C.

Marty Griffin

Apr 30th